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"Snugger: Comfort and Sustainability, Hand in Hand."

As a environmentally-conscious company, Snugger™ is dedicated to sustainability in all aspects of our business. We carefully consider the materials and packaging we use, as well as our shipping practices, in order to minimize our environmental impact. Our products are also designed with circular principles in mind, ensuring that they can be used and reused in a sustainable manner.

Our Story

Snugger™ was founded by entrepreneurs seeking solutions to common problems. Inspired by the need for a cordless heating solution, Jonah developed a heated pillow for his pregnant wife. Partnering with Ruben, they created a sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing product. Our mission is to craft beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable products that enhance lives. Since our inception, our goal remains unchanged: to create products that elevate comfort and sustainability.

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Our mission

Snugger™ is passionate about creating comfortable, sustainable products that enhance people's lives. Our purpose is to provide environmentally responsible options that meet customer needs and reduce impact. We are dedicated to finding innovative, functional, and sustainable solutions. Our passion for comfort and sustainability drives us to continually improve and evolve.

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The warmth of the pillow provides a soothing effect, helping you relax. 

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Ease Stress

The warmth, comfort, and coziness bring a reduction in stresfull thoughts. 


Relieve Pain

The warmth relaxes muscles and may alleviate muscle pain, joint pain, or menstrual cramps.