Energy - Efficient

A heated
pillow is a convenient
way to provide warmth and comfort during the colder months. Snugger pillows are thus designed to use minimal energy
while providing maximum heat. They
are equipped with energy-efficient graphene heating elements that use low wattage to generate heat.
This means that they use less electricity and generate less carbon emissions
than other heating options, such as space heaters or central heating systems.


Additionally, Snugger heated pillows often have
multiple heat settings, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your desired
level of warmth. This not only allows you to customize your comfort, but also
helps to conserve energy by only using as much heat as you need.


Overall, at Snugger we designed our heated
pillows to be the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to stay warm and

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  • Pillow cover

    from sustainable materials and can be easily removed for cleaning or recycling

  • Battery

    Designed to be recycled, and can be
    replaced with a new, energy-efficient battery when needed.

  • Graphene heating element

    Built from a highly conductive and
    sustainable material that
    was built-to-last, and can be easily removed and recycled

  • Anti-flammable cotton.

    Made from natural materials
    and can be composted or recycled.

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